Empowerment Requires Investment

Remarks from San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC): Summer in the City 2021

This year, when our current board took over in February, we spent a solid quarter reassessing what SFWPC is about and how we can be more impactful.

As a result, we redefined our mission and developed a policy agenda for the first time in our 19 year history.

Our revamped mission is to endorse, empower, and elect people as candidates for local office who self-identify as women and those who share our values. SFWPC champions policies and candidates committed to advancing intersectional feminism, racial justice, gender equity, and equitable systems and structures through participation in the San Francisco political process. We provide an advocacy and political network to build a bench of diverse women+ candidates, activists, organizers, and leaders who will advance these goals at every level of governance and beyond.

Our aforementioned values include:

  • Championing intersectional feminism
  • Fighting for racial and social justice
  • True diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Commitment to the education, empowerment and advancement of people who identify as women

This is about way more than events and endorsements. It’s about changing the status quo at every single level of governance.

It’s about building a bench.

It’s about helping women understand the confusing political landscape and process in this city.

It’s about advocating for people and communities who are often overlooked or ignored entirely.

In the last several months, SFWPC has:

  • Partnered with Supervisor Myrna Melgar on a study that brought to light the issues of how women leaders on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors were underrepresented in terms of speaking time and overrepresented in terms of how often they were interrupted. Thank you for your support and sponsorship tonight, Supervisor Melgar.
  • We’ve supported and tracked bills at the state and local level aimed at increasing paid family leave, improving access to menstrual products, protecting victims of reproductive coercion, and improving accountability in law enforcement.
  • And perhaps most importantly, we’re training our members on basics like how to track local and state legislation and how to write letters of support and advocacy.

We are doing the work of empowerment that everyone talks about doing. To make a measurable impact to the systemic barriers women face at a scale that actually improves peoples lives, we need resources. Empowerment requires investment.

Tonight, we’re asking you to open your wallets and put your hard earned money towards making the changes that push women forward.

Thank you.

Remarks from Nadia Rahman, Co-President of San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC)
Summer in the City 2021 Honorees: Susanna Rojas, Andrea Turner and City Administrator Carmen Chu
SFWPC 2021 Co-Presidents and Events Co-Chairs: Nadia Rahman, Zahra Hajee, Linda Liu, Sharon Chung
San Francisco Women’s Political Committee 2021 Board
You’ve made it in San Francisco politics once you are in a Bruce Agid selfie ;)



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Nadia Rahman

Nadia Rahman

Communicator & Organizer. Founder rahman-consulting.com. Co-President San Francisco Women’s Political Committee. Board SF-Marin Food Bank. Lead YIMBY SF.