For me, 2021 was largely a series of many experiments and putting one foot in front of the other while trusting that if I followed my intuition, was courageous and prioritized integrity, everything would work out for the best.

A week ago marked my 4th anniversary of moving to San Francisco. Each passing year here has been more significant than the last.

An empowering read to inform the work of combatting white supremacy hidden in the guise of a certain brand of feminism.

“White Tears / Brown Scars — How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color” by Ruby Hamad

“White women can oscillate between their gender and their race, between being the oppressed and the oppressor. Women of color are never permitted to exist outside of these constraints: we are both women and people of color and we are always seen and treated as such.”

I found ‘White Tears…

20 years have passed since the 9/11 terror attacks. The demonization of the American Muslim must be acknowledged as part of its legacy.

Rally for Afghans — San Francisco, California — August 2021

As we begin September and close out a chaotic August, I feel the need to personally acknowledge the tragedy that has unfolded in the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Yes, ending war is good, but I’m left wondering what the point of this 20 year war was. What did the U.S…

Rahman Consulting Logo and Tagline

Effective communication is transformative.

In service of ensuring that leaders and organizations dedicated to social good have the right partners to help them…

To all the fathers,

Who were told not to show their feelings as little boys looking for comfort. Told to withstand whatever anyone said or did to them without acknowledging how badly it made them feel. Bullied and ignored to learn ‘how to be a man.’ …

Seeking justice for the Palestinians.

To all the mothers,

Who endured so much on their own, in silence and isolation, away from the people and communities who loved, valued, raised and nurtured them.

In new homes and countries unwilling to truly welcome and understand as a result of their own worldview, ignorance and trauma.


Nadia Rahman

Communicator, Organizer & Activist. Founder & Principal Co-President San Francisco Women’s Political Committee. Board SF-Marin Food Bank.

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