2023 End of Year Reflection

Nadia Rahman
2 min readJan 1, 2024


2023 was a year of transformation, realignment, and reinvention. It was also an incredibly humbling year.

After a year of personal and professional highs in 2022, I dealt with a much more unpredictable 2023. The contrast was hard to wrap my mind around, but that’s life — seasonal and cyclical.

However, since we’re programmed to believe life is a constant and stable upward trajectory, it’s hard to deal with the reality of life’s seasonality when we hit an inevitable fallow phase.

The plateau I faced this year evolved my mindset and a number of different aspects in my life. I evolved the services my business offers to focus on what I do best which is helping leaders shine. I discovered my love of content creation and embraced being a creator.

And most importantly, I became very conscious of where my time and energy goes, and intentionally detached from what I find draining, and moved towards what I find fulfilling.

This was a significant year of reassessing relationships and making the decision to show up for people who show up for me.

Of giving what I get.

Of having difficult conversations and putting up firm boundaries. Of making intentional decisions about where and how I show up. Not everyone is for me; not every space is for me — and that’s OK.

2022 began a journey of identity for me which I feel fully expressed itself this year. And I could not feel more pride in the identity that I embody and give voice to.

I am grateful for the hard lessons and resulting clarity; the abundant time with family I got this year after being away for much of 2022; and for all the memories made.

Happy New Year.

Nadia Rahman at the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art on Oahu, Hawaiian Kingdom in October 2023.



Nadia Rahman

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